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Streamlining your business processes is crucial for staying competitive in today's fast-paced market. At Bitzify, we offer expert ERP implementation and consulting services to help you optimize your operations. Our experienced professionals will work closely with your team to understand your unique requirements, tailor the ERP solution to your business, and ensure a seamless implementation process. With Bitzify by your side, you can unleash efficiency, productivity, and achieve your business goals faster than ever before.

Why choose us?

We understand the complexity of the digitalization projects


Unique Concepts




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Our Core Values

Our point of difference is in building solid business relationships with our clients and part of this is to make sure your culture and ours is compatible and the most effective communication and processes are used.


Our team is well experienced in the domain and helped lots of customers to overcome the challenges of using IT systems.

Cost Efficiency

We guarantee the services we provide are in best quality and placed in the optimum location in the cost, quality


Our team is dedicated to make customers feel that they are well supported and assisted


Participate in developing Indonesia's technological advances Mission

We can help you with your ERP solutions


Our top value categories for you

Consultation and Demonstrations

Your business is complex.But that’s ok – we thrive on finding our clients the perfect solutions.

Software Implementation

Excellent choice. Now let’s show you what we can do. No two sites are the same – and that’s why our skills and knowledge are so important.

Existing Software

Your Business is Unique –Your Software Should be too. We are certified to customise branded software to create innovative solutions to your specific needs.

Project Planning &

Seeing the unforeseeable. Experience is better than a crystal ball. Communication is key to successful project management. Combine this with experience, clear processes and documentation and you have a project delivered on time and on budget.

Maintenance &

We have the capacity to work on a project basis for those clients with a specific customisation you may wish to implement.


Knowledge is power: give your staff the tools they need to succeed. Simple training solutions to effectively get your team up to date and productively and efficiently using your software solutions to impact on your bottom line.

Our Process

Committed to People, Committed

company for businesses around the world to overcome their operational challenges with innovative business

Project Scope
Roles and Responsibilities Matrix
Data Migration Plan
User-Acceptance Testing
Go-Live Strategy